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What do you do when you've stolen millions of dollars worth of cash and drugs from the two fiercest gangs in the state? If you're Roy, you bring the fight to them! War hero turned villain, Roy breaks all the rules and stops at nothing to get away with the cash. Along the way, he helps a young girl get her revenge from the gangs who brutally abused and victimized her.

Chris Cox, M. Jordon Pollock, Corey Maier


Cowboy and Lucky are back and this time they are in way over their heads. When Cowboy and Lucky run afoul of a corrupt cop, they not only find themselves in a fight with the entire police department but each other too. Its gonna take more than Lucky's tenacity and Cowboy's goofball ways to get them out of this jam when they find themselves making their Last Stand!

Chris Cox, Russell Clay, David C. Hoke

Unchained is the latest revenge epic from writer/director David C. Hoke. Mafia daughter Suki finds herself at the wrong end of a drug deal and left for dead. New love Roy moves in to sweep her off of her feet and save her life. Together, they decide to strike back at the person responsible for Suki's near death experience: her mother.

Chandler Kaye, Amador Barraza, April Hartman

When the government tries an experiment on ex-cons and all hell breaks loose in your small town, what would you do! Live or Die?

Starring: Cody Feight


What happens after revenge? After a couple loses their daughter to an act of violence, an enraged father acts quickly to avenge her death. The ripple effect of these events will last a lifetime. Don't miss the thought provoking third part of writer director David C. Hoke's revenge trilogy.

Rusty Cook, Kelley Crowder, Jesse Cole